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 SECK Mamarame - Narratives as Muslim Practice in Senegal

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  •  SECK Mamarame - Narratives as Muslim Practice in Senegal

SECK Mamarame

Narratives as Muslim Practice in Senegal

Peter Lang - New York, Bern, Berlin - 2013
ISBN: 9781433119903
(Society and Politics in Africa ; 22)
IV - 209 p. - 23,1 x 15,5 cm

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 Sufi oral discourse in Senegal is overwhelmingly dominated by stories about past and current shaykhs. An important corpus of oral narratives about Sufi clerics is not only (re)told by Sufi speakers throughout Senegal but also in the Senegalese diasporas in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. These accounts are interwoven by multiple speakers among followers of Senegalese Sufi brotherhoods and passed down from generation to generation in Senegal and its diasporas. The weaving together and spreading of such texts themselves are part of the Sufi praxis. These oral texts, deeply rooted in their context of production, which dictates their form and functions, are still generally unknown to scholars of Islam in Senegal and West Africa. By filling this gap, this book contributes to the discourse of religions in general and Sufi Islam in particular.

Mamarame Seck is a native of Senegal. He received his PhD in linguistics from the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is Assistant Professor in the Department of African and African-American Studies at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. His recent publications include a chapter in Communication Wolof et Societé Sénégalaise : Héritage et Création.