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 GRIFFITHS Claire H. (Edited by) - Contesting Historical Divides in Francophone Africa

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  •  GRIFFITHS Claire H. (Edited by) - Contesting Historical Divides in Francophone Africa

GRIFFITHS Claire H. (Edited by)

Contesting Historical Divides in Francophone Africa

University of Chester Press - Chester - 2013
ISBN: 9781908258038
X-286 pp. - 20,6 x 14,4 cm

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 From Senegal in the west to the Comoros islands in the east, this collection of essays casts a critical eye over fifty years of “independence” in former French colonial possessions of Africa and the Indian Ocean. With methods and perspectives that cross traditional disciplinary barriers, Contesting Historical Divides in Francophone Africa proposes fresh insights into the process of decolonisation in this part of the world.

- Préface.
Claire H. Griffiths / Introduction: Contesting Historical Divides in Francophone Africa. Post-slavery ? Post-Imperial ? Post-Colonial ?, pp. 1-21.

Part 1 - Contesting the Past: Revisiting Histories of French Africa
- Jonathan Derrick / Looking Back to "France of 100 Million Inhabitants": Roots of the Present in Colonial French Africa, pp. 22-58,
- David Perfect, Martin Evans / Trouble with the Neighbours ? Contemporary Constructions and Colonial Legacies in Relations between Senegal and the Gambia, pp. 59-92.

Part 2 - Geopolitical Conflicts in Africa and the Indian Ocean
- Martin Evans / Historiographies, Nationalisms and Conflict in Casamance, Senegal, pp. 93-119,
- Simon Massey / Ties that Bind and Ties that Don't: France's Role in the Comoros Archipelago, pp. 120-144.

Part 3 - Redefining the Postcolonial in Social and Education Policy
- Claire H. Griffiths / Shifting Centres and Static Peripheries: Geographies of power in Francophone African Gender and Development, pp. 145-175,
- Brenda Garvey / Relocating the Traditional in the Senegalese Classroom, pp. 176-203.

Part 4 - Contesting the Future: Postcoloniality and Cultural Production in Francophone Africa
- Alice Burgin / The Dialectics of Négritude in Francophone African Film: Mansour Sora Wade's "Ndeysaan", pp. 204-228,
- Sarah Burnautzki / Negotiating Postcoloniality in Francophone African littérature, pp. 229-253.

- Concluding Remarks, pp. 254-256,
- Notes on Contributors, pp. 257-259,
- Bibliography, pp. 260-281,
- Index, pp. 282-286.