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 COLLIER Gordon (edited by) - Focus on Nigeria. Literature and Culture.

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  •  COLLIER Gordon (edited by) - Focus on Nigeria. Literature and Culture.

COLLIER Gordon (edited by)

Focus on Nigeria. Literature and Culture.

Rodopi - Amsterdam / New York - 2012
ISBN: 97890420357
(Matatu - Journal for African Culture and Society ; 40)
VII-498 p. - 15 x 22 cm

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 This issue of Matatu offers cutting-edge studies of contemporary Nigerian literature, a selection of short fiction and poetry, and a range of essays on various themes of political, artistic, socio-linguistic, and sociological interest. Contributions on theatre focus on the fool as dramatic character and on the feminist theatre of exclusion (Tracie Uto-Ezeajugh). Several essays examine the poetry of Hope Eghagha and the Delta writer Tanure Ojaide. Studies of the prose fiction of Chinua Achebe, Tayo Olafioye, Uwem Akpan, and Chimamanda Adichie are complemented by a searching exposé of the exploitation of Ayi Kwei Armah on the part of the metropolitan publishing world and by a recent interview with the poet Jumoko Verissimo. Traditional culture is considered in articles on historical sites in Ile-Ife, witchcraft in Etsako warfare, and the Awonmili women’s collective in Awka. Linguistically oriented studies consider political speeches, drug advertising, and Yoruba anthroponyms. Performance-focused essays focus on Emirate court spectacle (durbar), Yoruba drum poetry in contemporary media, gospel music, indigenization and islamization of military music, and the role of the filmmaker. Contributions of broader relevance deal with Islamic components of Nigerian culture, the decline of the educational system, and the socio-economic impact of acquisitive culture.

- Durotoye A. Adeleke: Parody of the Shakespearean Fool: Tradition in an African Society,
- Nick Mdika Tembo: “Breaking the Head of the Masquerade”: Tracie Utoh–Ezeajugh’s “Out of the Masks” and Theatre of Exclusion,
- Ogaga Okuyade: Aesthetic Metamorphosis: Oral Rhetoric in the Poetry of Tanure Ojaide,
- Kola Eke: The Quest for Diplomatic Leadership in the Poetry of Tanure Ojaide,
- Uzoechi Nwagbara: Earth in the Balance: The Commodification of the Environment in The Eye of the Earth and Delta Blues & Home Songs,
- Sunny Awhefeada: Motherhood and Sundry Preoccupations in Hope Eghagha’s Mama dances into the night and other poems,
- Niyi Akingbe: Assessing the Dilemma of a Nation at the Crossroads: Protest as Landscape in Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah,
- Adeyemi Adegoju: Autobiographical Memory, Identity Re/Construction, and Stylistic Creativity in Tayo Olafioye’s Grandma’s Sun,
- Ode S. Ogede: Ayi Kwei Armah’s Professional Correspondence: Unveiling the Ordeals of a Gifted African Author,
- H. Oby Okolocha: War and Absurdity: Viewing the Manifestations of Trauma in Uwem Akpan’s Luxurious Hearses,
- Nick Mdika Tembo: Ethnic Conflict and the Politics of Greed: Rethinking Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun,
- Faith O. Ibhawaegbele and J. N. Edokpayi: Situational Variables in Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and Chinua Achebe’s A Man of the People,
- Nereus Yerima Tadi: Interview with Jumoke Verissimo.

Creative Writing
- Benjamin Panulo: Two Thieves
- H. Oby Okolocha: Three Poems

Society and Cultural Expression
- Abimbola O. Adesoji: The Changing Status of Historical Sites in Ilé-Ifè: Implications for the Contemporary Study of Yorùbá History and Culture
Anthony Afe. Asekhauno and Valentine Ananafe Inagbor: Magic, Witchcraft, and Sorcery in Warfare: The Experience of the Etsako of Nigeria
Anthony Afe. Asekhauno and Matthew A. Izibili: Islam and Culture: Two Epistemic Catalysts for Moral Dilemmas
in the African Democratic Experiment
Clifford Nwanna: Dialectics of African Feminism: A Study of the Awonmili Women’s Group in Awka (the Land of Blacksmiths)
Adebisi Ademakinwa: ‘Acquisitive Culture’ and its Impact on Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Development
Tomi Adeaga: The Decline of the Nigerian Educational System: Its Impact on the Younger Generation
Moses Omoniyi Ayeomoni: Grapho-Syntactic Analysis of Selected Political Speeches of Some Nigerian Heads of State
Moji A. Olateju: The Structure of Yorùbá Local Drug Advertising
Joshua Abiodun Ogunwale: Tokens of Metaphoric Expressions in Yorùbá Anthroponyms
Mohammed Inuwa Umar–Buratai: Public Spectating and Political Undertones in Durbar: The Emirate Court Art of Northern Nigeria as Instrument of Governance
Mobolanle Ebunoluwa Sotunsa: Exploiting Resources of Yorùbá Drum Poetry for Contemporary Global Relevance
Femi Adedeji: Singing and Suffering in Africa: A Study of Selected Relevant Texts of Nigerian Gospel Music
Michael Olútáyò Olátúnjí: The Indigenization of Military Music in Nigeria: Issues and Perspectives
Michael Olútáyò Olátúnjí: Modern Trends in the Islamized Music of the Traditional Yorùbá: Concept, Origin, and Development
Lifongo Vetinde: Reels of Conflicting Paradigms: The Black Filmmaker and Africa’s Transitional Dilemmas
Biographical Notes
Books Received
Notes for Contributors