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 TYAGI Ritu - Ananda Devi: Feminism, Narration and Polyphony

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  •  TYAGI Ritu - Ananda Devi: Feminism, Narration and Polyphony


Ananda Devi: Feminism, Narration and Polyphony

Brill - Rodopi - Amsterdam - 2013
ISBN: 9789042037458
(Chiasma ; 32)
196 p. - 15,2 x 22,9 cm

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 Ananda Devi: Feminism, Narration and Polyphony is the first full-length monograph devoted to Ananda Devi, a dynamic contemporary Francophone writer. Recipient of Prix Louis-Guilloux and Prix Télévision Suisse Romande du Roman, she is described by many as a prototype of a new generation of Mauritian writers. This book analyses Devi’s unconventional polyphonic narratives, particularly, her strategies that allow marginalized narrators to disrupt androcentric and dominant structures of narrative construction, thereby creating hybrid magical spaces for feminine expression. Drawing on the notion of feminist narratology that investigates the relation between gender and narrative, this book focuses on a wide range of Western and non-Western narrative strategies such as plot and plotlessness, narrative metalepsis, pluritemporality, multisubjectivity, myths, folktales and magic. It also demonstrates how her texts become the point of convergence of the West and the non-West, the feminine and the androcentric, the real and the extra-real as muted discourses resurface and traditional distinctions between categories are blurred in favor of alternate and new possibilities. As this book is interdisciplinary in its approach, it will appeal to a broad range of audience from those interested in Contemporary Francophone and Indian-Ocean Literature to scholars in Women’s Writing, Post-Colonial Studies, and Narratology.

Plot and Plotlessness: Toward Feminine Desire/Quest
Subverting Marriage and the Romance Plot: Redefining Love
Plotlessness and Feminine Desire
Reincarnation and Timelessness in L’arbre fouet
Diegetic Complexity: Multiple Narrators
Magical Realism: Devi’s Narrative Tool
Women in Magical Space: Soupir and Souffleur as Feminine Spaces
Magic and Mythology: Rewriting Myths and Folktales