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 GEVISSER Mark, GOBODO-MADIKIZELA Pumla, OKEKE-Agulu Chika - Sue Williamson. Life and Work

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  •  GEVISSER Mark, GOBODO-MADIKIZELA Pumla, OKEKE-Agulu Chika - Sue Williamson. Life and Work


Sue Williamson. Life and Work

Skira - Milan - 2016
ISBN: 9788857228679
(Arte contemporanea)
256 p., 241 illustrations couleur - 24 x 28 cm

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Prix public éditeur: 50,00 €

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 The forty year artistic career of one of South Africa’s most respected artists and a key member of the pioneering generation whose work challenged the Apartheid state in the 1970s and 1980s.

This volume brings together for the first time all the significant works of one of South Africa’s most highly respected and celebrated artists, created over more than thirty years. It starts with her challenging work in the most oppressive days of apartheid, records the heady days of liberation and tracks the difficulties of transformation. Described by ex MoMA director Robert Storr as “one of the foremost artists of her generation”, Williamson continues to be interested in recording contemporary history and making visible what might otherwise be ignored. Her work has addressed slavery, the bureaucracy of the apartheid state, the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In recent years, she has travelled the world extensively, undertaking art projects and producing an ongoing series about cities. 
• Sue Williamson was one of the first artists ever to oppose the Apartheid state through the medium of art. 
• In a register that is forceful, yet rare for its sympathy, she unveils the voices and experiences of those repressed, forgotten, and who contributed to the struggle. She paved the way for successive generations of artists to break the veil of silence on the social issues surrounding these years.

 Parcours et production de Sue Williamson dont les œuvres (photographies et vidéos) témoignent d’histoires personnelles, récits politisés que la journaliste-artiste démêle pour construire une réflexion passionnante sur la violence et l’exil.

- Mark Gevisser is a prize-winning South African author and journalist who writes for international publications.
- Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela is a senior research professor at the University of the Free State in South Africa.
- Ciraj Rassool directs University of the Western Cape’s African Programme in Museum and Heritage Studies.
- Chika Okeke-Agulu is an Igbo-Nigerian artist, art historian, art curator, and blogger.