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 ALLMAN Jean, PARKER John - Tongnaab: The History of a West African God

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  •  ALLMAN Jean, PARKER John - Tongnaab: The History of a West African God


Tongnaab: The History of a West African God

Indiana University Press - Bloomington - 2005
ISBN: 9780253218063
320 p., 40 photos noir et bl., 5 cartes - 23,6 x 16,1 cm

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 For many Africanist historians, traditional religion is simply a starting point for measuring the historic impact of Christianity and Islam. In Tongnaab, Jean Allman and John Parker challenge the distinction between tradition and modernity by tracing the movement and mutation of the powerful Talensi god and ancestor shrine, Tongnaab, from the savanna of northern Ghana through the forests and coastal plains of the south. Using a wide range of written, oral, and iconographic sources, Allman and Parker uncover the historical dynamics of cross-cultural religious belief and practice. They reveal how Tongnaab has been intertwined with many themes and events in West African history—the slave trade, colonial conquest and rule, capitalist agriculture and mining, labor migration, shifting ethnicities, the production of ethnographic knowledge, and the political projects that brought about the modern nation state. This rich and original book shows that indigenous religion has been at the center of dramatic social and economic changes stretching from the slave trade to the tourist trade.

 Passionnante étude d'histoire des religions traditionnelles: Le parcours, dans l'histoire coloniale de la Gold Coast, d'une divinité traditionnelle du pays Tallensi nommée Tongnaab dont le sanctuaire dans les Tong Hills recevait en 1928 la visite de pélerins akan, ga et ewe….

En 1911 les Britanniques soumettront le pays Tallensi et détruiront le fétiche, son culte persitera dans la clandestinité et s'étendra au Sud. Il sera à nouveau autorisé à partir de 1925. Le culte de Tongnaap deviendra en milieu akan un mouvement anti-sorcellerie et de guérison sous le nom de Nana Tongo.
1. Tongnaab and the Talensi in the History of the Middle Volta Savanna
2. Gods and Guns, Rituals and Rule, 1911—1928
3. "Watch Over Me": Witchcraft and Anti-witchcraft Movements in Ghanaian History, 1870s—1920s
4. From Savanna to Forest: Nana Tongo and Ritual Commerce in the World of Cash and Cocoa
5. Tongnaab, Meyer Fortes, and the Making of Colonial Taleland, 1928—1945
6. Tongnaab and the Dynamics of History among the Talensi
Jean Allman teaches African History and directs the Center for African Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She is editor of Fashioning Africa: Power and the Politics of Dress (IUP, 2004).

John Parker teaches African History at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is author of Making the Town: Ga State and Society in Early Colonial Accra.