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PARK Thomas K. (Edited by)

Risk and Tenure in Arid Lands. The Political Ecology of Development in the Senegal River Basin

The University of Arizona press - Tucson - London - 1998
ISBN: 9780816513741
XV, 383 pp., cartes - 24 x 16 cm

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 Focuses on the political and ecological bases for development in the Senegal River Basin, where traditional agriculture has long been conditioned by the chaotic and unpredictable extent and duration of the annual flood. By examining the linkages between indigenous soil classifications, food security coping strategies, land tenure, nationalism, and the implementation of international development policy in risk-prone arid lands, the authors expand our understanding of the interaction between flood recession agriculture, common property, political economy, and agricultural risk in Africa and the Middle East, while making a persuasive critique of current development policy.

Political Ecology of the Senegal River Basin
- Thomas K. Park / Arids lands and the political economy of flood recession agriculture in Fuuta Tooro, pp. 1-31,
- Joe Tabor / Soils of the lower, middle, and upper Senegal River Valley, pp. 31-51,
- Timothy Frankenberger, Mark Lynham / Household food security and coping strategies along the Senegal River Valley, pp. 51-87,
- Thomas K. Park, Mamadou Baro, Tidiane Ngaido / Crisis of Nationalism in Mauritania, pp. 87-124.

Case Studies
- Glenn R. Rogers / Impact of land tenure patterns on local income generation in Mauritania, pp; 125-145,
- Tidiane Gaido / Land tenure and social structure of the Halaybé, pp. 145-183,
- Tidiane Gaido / The Boghé pilot perimeter, pp. 183-224,
- Thomas K. Park / Privatization and development: The case of the Dirol Plain, 224-255,
- Mamadou Baro / Mauritania and irrigated development projects: The case of the Gorgol pilot perimeter, pp. 255-293.

Risk and Common Property in Arid Lands
- Thomas K. Park / Ecology and risk management: Stratified common property and flood recession agriculture, pp. 293-331.
- Glossaire, pp. 331-334,
- Bibliography, pp. 335-375,
- Index, pp. 375-383.